Gospel Teaching in God’s Plan

Your Call to Teach


What is my divine role as a teacher?

As a teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, you are called to teach the principles of the gospel out of the standard works by the power of the Holy Ghost. You should testify that what you have taught is true and seek to help those you teach apply the gospel principles to their lives.

You have the opportunity to nourish the souls of others. Teaching what is nourishing to the soul uplifts others, builds their faith in Jesus Christ, and gives them confidence to meet life’s challenges.

As a teacher, you are the Lord's agent. You have a divine commission to represent Him and teach what He reveals about all gospel doctrines. You are commissioned to teach by the Spirit so that those who hear can be taught by the Spirit (see D&C 50:13–22).

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, “To teach effectively and to feel you are succeeding is demanding work indeed. But it is worth it. We can receive ‘no greater call’ ” (“A Teacher Come from God,” Apr. 1998 general conference).

Scriptures to study

Mosiah 18:18; 28:3; Moroni 6:4; D&C 42:12–14; 88:77–78