Improve Your Teaching

Your Call to Teach

How can I improve my ability to teach?

As a teacher of the gospel, you should continually seek to improve your ability to teach. The following suggestions will help you do this:

Assess your abilities. Think about your strengths as a teacher, such as patience, concern for others, knowledge of the scriptures, and your sincere desire to teach well. Also think about how you need to improve as a teacher, and make a plan for improvement.

Look for lessons everywhere. Study your lessons well in advance, and then be aware of everyday occurrences or observations that could help provide examples or enrichment for your lesson. Keep the individuals you teach in mind as you prepare throughout the week.

Invite a leader to observe your teaching and give you feedback. Leaders can give you ongoing support by orienting you, discussing the needs of those you teach, reviewing ways to improve teaching, and observing the classroom experience.

Scriptures to study

1 Timothy 4:13–16; Ether 12:27

Things you can do

  • To improve your teaching, study the portions of Teaching, No Greater Call that would be most helpful to you.
  • Begin recording observations, impressions, and faith-promoting experiences that you can use in your lessons.
  • Discuss a specific aspect of your teaching with the priesthood or auxiliary leader with whom you work.