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November 30, 207

Don’t Keep It to Yourself: #LightTheWorld

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Throughout the month of December, your students will have many opportunities to #LightTheWorld as they testify of Jesus Christ through their words and actions. As you discuss the first lesson in Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel, remind them that when we testify of Jesus Christ and serve others as He did, we can strengthen our relationship with Him. As we do, we will feel His love and receive His help throughout our lives.

Here are a few ways you and your students can #LightTheWorld this Christmas by keeping your baptismal covenants.

  • Love your neighbors (see Matthew 22:39 and day 4 on the 25 Ways, 25 Days calendar).
    • Rather than dropping off treats at your neighbors’ doors, invite them to your house for a meaningful conversation.
    • Rather than exchanging neighbor gifts this year, invite your neighbors to join you in donating to a meaningful cause.
  • Don’t judge others (see Matthew 7:1 and day 6 on the 25 Ways, 25 Days calendar).
    • Everyone carries a silent burden. Give the benefit of the doubt when interacting with friends at school.
    • Look for the good in others and tell them what you find.
  • Mourn with others (see Matthew 5:4 and day 12 on the 25 Ways, 25 Days calendar).
    • Look for a fellow student who is facing a challenge and offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.
    • Holidays can be especially lonely for those who have lost a loved one. Invite them to your home for a meal or activity.
  • Follow Jesus’s example (see 3 Nephi 27:21 and day 22 on the 25 Ways, 25 Days calendar).
    • In every situation, do what Jesus would do. Sit by a lonely student at lunch, give a friend a ride home, obey your parents.
    • Choose a Christlike attribute and work on in throughout December. Need more patience, faith, or charity? This is the perfect opportunity to become more like the Savior.

Invite Students to Share

Invite your students to share their personal testimony of Jesus Christ through social media. Whether their testimony is burning bright or struggling to grow, sharing what they believe with others will strengthen their testimony. Also invite them to participate in the #LightTheWorld Christmas campaign during December. As they do, their testimony will grow. A shareable image about testifying of Jesus Christ can be found on the LDS Institutes of Religion Facebook page and has been included below. More social media shareable items relating to #LightTheWorld can be found on

You and your students can continue your conversation outside of class by answering the following questions on social media:

  • How does my relationship with the Savior grow as I #LightTheWorld?
  • How does serving others strengthen my testimony of Jesus Christ?

Include #LightTheWorld, #LDSInstitue, and #InstituteIsForMe in the post.

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