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April 10, 2018

Getting Ready for Graduation

Seminary graduation

Graduation represents your students’ efforts to build a strong foundation of lifelong gospel study and come unto Christ. It is an important achievement in their progress to follow Him and gain a testimony of His eternal truths. We invite you to reflect on the significance this event has for your students and to seek ways you can help make it a meaningful experience for each of them.

The Seminaries and Institutes of Religion administration recently outlined the importance of graduation and the blessings that it can bring to seminary and institute students. In the February 2017 administration message “The Blessings of Graduation,” Brother Chad H Webb addressed the purposes of graduation. His thoughts are worth pondering as graduation approaches.

As you work with students, parents, and leaders to prepare for upcoming graduation ceremonies, be aware of the resources available help answer any questions you may encounter. Overviews of graduation requirements are available in the articles “Seminary Graduation Requirements” and “Graduation Requirements—Institute.” Also become familiar with “A Guide to Seminary and Institute Graduation Exercises,” a helpful resource for stake and ward leaders as they plan and prepare for graduation exercises.