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Institute News

Turning to Reliable Sources

Church websites are available to help answer questions on many current topics.

Scriptures and tablet

How the LDS Media Library App Can Bless Your Teaching

Seminary and institute teachers share how they use the LDS Media Library app to find media and use it in their lessons.

Teaching Like the Savior

Brother Chad H Webb discusses how Elder Gong’s message can help us better teach like the Savior as we develop His attributes.

Youth walking in woods

The Spirit Guides the Way

Invite students to use social media to share how the Spirit has guided their lives.

Brother Chad H. Webb

The Blessings of Graduation

Brother Chad Webb discusses some of the ways graduation can bless students and help fulfill the Objective of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion.


Grow Stronger Together through the Spirit

Institute teachers are invited to ask students to share on social media how the students grow stronger with help from each other and the Spirit.

Bulletin board

Examining Concepts and Questions with an Eternal Perspective

A seminary student helps her friend with a difficult question by examining it with an eternal perspective.

Merry Christmas from the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Administration

A Christmas message to seminary and institute teachers from the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion administration.

You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Those You Serve

Brother Kelly Haws discusses Doctrinal Mastery with seminary teachers.

Media Added to Institute Cornerstone Course Manuals

Looking for ways to deepen and enhance your Cornerstone class? It just got easier to find some of the many Church-provided resources that can add to the curriculum.