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How Do I Implement Doctrinal Mastery?

Find ways to use Doctrinal Mastery in your classes.
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How Doctrinal Mastery is implemented depends on the type of seminary program students are enrolled in: daily seminary (early-morning and released-time programs), online seminary, or home-study seminary.

Doctrinal Mastery in Daily Seminary

Detailed instructions for implementing Doctrinal Mastery in daily seminary are included in the “Instructions for Teachers” section of the Doctrinal Mastery Book of Mormon Teacher Material. As you carefully study and follow these instructions, you and your students will be able to achieve the desired outcomes of Doctrinal Mastery.

Doctrinal Mastery in Online Seminary

Doctrinal mastery learning activities will be incorporated into the online seminary lessons. If you teach an online seminary class, study the “Instructions for Teachers” section of the Doctrinal Mastery Book of Mormon Teacher Material to help you understand important principles and practices that can be adapted and applied in online seminary.

Doctrinal Mastery in Home-Study Seminary

The materials that home-study teachers and students use have not yet been updated to include doctrinal mastery content. If you teach a home-study seminary class, you and your students should continue to use the current home-study materials and included scripture mastery activities. Until the home-study materials are updated, you are encouraged to provide students with copies of the Doctrinal Mastery Core Document and to invite them to study it and the doctrinal mastery scripture passages on their own.

For additional information see Frequently Asked Questions for Doctrinal Mastery.