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    June 18, 2018

    Changes to Doctrinal Mastery Lessons

    A new structure has been introduced for Doctrinal Mastery lessons.
    Young men with scriptures

    The Doctrine and Covenants year will be the last year with two separate manuals for the sequential scripture lessons and Doctrinal Mastery lessons. In this upcoming school year, Doctrinal Mastery will transition to 40-minute lessons taught on average once a week. However, these 40-minute lessons still include segments with suggested time parameters, giving you the flexibility to continue teaching smaller portions of Doctrinal Mastery on a daily basis if you so desire.

    We have included a suggested pacing guide in the appendix of the Doctrinal Mastery Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Teacher Material to help with pacing and knowing where to insert the Doctrinal Mastery lessons into teaching schedules. This pacing guide maintains 160 lessons (including flexible days) by suggesting which sequential scripture lessons could be combined to make room for the 40-minute Doctrinal Mastery lessons. For online seminary students the Doctrinal Mastery lessons have already been integrated into the online seminary platform.

    Also, in this upcoming school year, Doctrinal Mastery lessons will include doctrinal mastery review activities. There are three types of review activities included:

    1. Passage review activities review each doctrinal mastery passage after it has been introduced in the Doctrinal Mastery curriculum.
    2. Doctrinal mastery topic review activities help students review the doctrinal mastery passages for a given doctrinal topic.
    3. Doctrinal mastery cumulative review activities help students review all the doctrinal mastery passages they have studied up to that point in the year.

    These review activities are found at the end of the Doctrinal Mastery lessons with instructions on where to place them in the curriculum. We anticipate that these review activities will help students better achieve the stated outcomes of Doctrinal Mastery by helping them to be able to better locate and use the doctrinal mastery passages to help explain and teach the doctrine. Again, starting with the Old Testament year, there will only be one teacher curriculum, with Doctrinal Mastery lessons and review activities appropriately placed throughout the curriculum.

    The Doctrinal Mastery Core Document has also been updated to include visuals for each topic and numbered paragraphs. This updated Doctrinal Mastery Core Document has also been included in the new version of the Study Journal, which is available for order through BYU Print Services.

    We hope these resources help you as you prepare your lessons and help students more fully understand the scriptures and doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ.