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July 30, 2017

New Content to Fit Your Role

Logging in to our websites will allow you to access content that is tailored just for you!
teacher and students

Here We Grow Again

Our seminary and institute websites have undergone many changes over the past year. As we’ve implemented those changes, teachers, administrators, students, and parents have been able to receive, in their own language, information to teach, train, learn, and study. And even now we haven’t stopped constantly working to improve our communication process.

Log In for More

As more information is provided to help teachers instruct and students to learn at a deeper level, it is increasingly clear that teachers sometimes need different information than students. For example, teachers need access to assessment answers before the assessment, while students do not. For this reason, we are introducing new functionality on our main seminary and institute websites that allows teachers and administrators to log in to the sites to access information not previously available there.

For example, stake teachers will have access to a new stake teacher page with access to training, policies, and specific financial forms. As mentioned earlier, only teachers will have access to confidential assessment information that will aid them in their preparation; this information will be hidden from students. If you aren’t logged in, the part of the page with links to assessment answers isn’t visible; however, if a teacher logs in, the links to the assessment answers appear on the page.

How Do I Log In?

Simply use your LDS Account username and password to log in to the seminary and institute websites, This is the same username and password that you use to access other parts of (for example, your unit directory). Sometimes a page may prompt you to log in to see the information, while other times (as is the case on the assessment page) you will need to be already logged in to see the links.

This new functionality allows us to tailor the online experience and information to specific roles. In the future, we will expand the content available to each of our main audiences when they are logged in.

A Simple Change for a Simple Purpose

Most of the information available on the seminary and institute websites will remain open to the public, but as we move forward, some will require that you be logged in. This will allow you to fulfill your role as a teacher or administrator, parent, priesthood leader, or student.