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Keeping Covenants Helps Us #LightTheWorld

Teach students how keeping their baptismal covenant enables them to be more Christlike and to #LightTheWorld this Christmas season.

Lehi's dream

This Way to Happiness

Lehi’s vision of the tree of life can help students better understand Jesus Christ’s Atonement and Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness.

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Learning Assessment Software Makes Online Assessing Easy

Online learning assessments and other resources help teachers better understand students’ needs.

Christ blesses people

Discover the Updated Book of Mormon Seminary Teacher Manual

The online Book of Mormon Seminary Teacher Manual is available in English on and through the Gospel Library app.

path along hillside

Go, Do, and Be Blessed

Seminary teachers should use the Book of Mormon to teach obedience to commandments and should encourage students to share their experiences online.

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Seminary and Institute: Find Us in the Church Magazines

The August issues of Church magazines feature many articles about seminary and institute.

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New Content to Fit Your Role

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Chad H Webb

Answering Difficult Questions with Supplemental Resources

This video walks through supplemental Doctrinal Mastery resources.

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The Book of Mormon and Me

“The Book of Mormon and Me” is a social media campaign to increase student application of the Book of Mormon.

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What Is Stake Online Seminary?

Learn more about stake online seminary.