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Know the Father and the Son As You “Light the World”

“To know God is to think what he thinks, to feel what he feels, ... and to do what he does” (Bruce R. McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, [1965], 1:762). As you teach this scripture block in December, testify to your students that knowing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is more than just knowing about Them—it’s doing as They do.

You Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Those You Serve

Brother Kelly Haws discusses Doctrinal Mastery with seminary teachers.

Repent and Be Received with Open Arms

As your lesson plans allow, take time to teach and testify about the power of repentance and forgiveness. If we return to Heavenly Father by repenting and seeking forgiveness, He will rejoice and welcome us back with open arms.

Access the Savior's Atonement through the Sacrament

During October, you will have the opportunity to testify that one of the reasons why Jesus Christ instituted the sacrament was to help us remember Him and His Atonement for our sins (see Matthew 26:26–28).

The Two Sides of Teaching

Brother Chad H Webb would like to know how you are teaching with both clarity and charity.

Check Out the New Doctrinal Mastery App

The LDS Scripture Mastery app has become the new Doctrinal Mastery app.

Examining Concepts with an Eternal Perspective

Brother Chad Webb discusses Doctrinal Mastery concepts for teachers and students

Teacher and students

Doctrinal Mastery: How to Explain It

As seminary students (and their parents) transition from Scripture Mastery to Doctrinal Mastery, some information that teachers can provide will help them to understand why the change has happened.

Confused teacher

Getting Started with Doctrinal Mastery: Resources for Teachers

This article includes the ins and outs of doctrinal mastery for seminary teachers. Find the available materials that will help you and your students to implement doctrinal mastery successfully

2016 Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Annual Training Broadcast

Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Annual Broadcast Focuses on the Change to Doctrinal Mastery