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Seminary News

A Message from Brother Chad Webb - May 2016

Chad Webb, administrator for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion, shares some thoughts with teachers.

2016 Seminaries and Institutes—Annual Training Broadcast

Prepare To Be Taught by Church and Seminaries and Institutes of Religion Leaders

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Finding New Ways to Turn Our Hearts

Bringing Temple and Family History Service to Life—Malachi 4

What’s Next? New Process for Seminary Students Transitioning to Institute

Graduating Seminary Students Can Transition to Institute Using a New Form that Replaces the Request for Institute Information (RII) Form

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Welcome to the New

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Revised and Updated New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual

Seminary students throughout the world will study the New Testament in the coming year. A revised and updated New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual is now available to help teachers guide their students through their study of the New Testament.

Introducing mySeminary: Connecting Parents and Priesthood Leaders

Parents and priesthood leaders can now view and track their youths’ seminary experiences through a convenient program designed for them. mySeminary provides parents and priesthood leaders with online access to important information about their youths’ seminary experience.

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WISE Teacher App Available for Seminary and Institute Teachers

The Teacher App can be used on any web-connected device to do many WISE tasks in a short amount of time. If you are not already using this tool, you may want to begin.

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Why Enroll in Seminary?

President Thomas S. Monson said, “Young people, I ask you to participate in seminary. Study your scriptures daily. Listen to your teachers carefully. Apply what you learn prayerfully.” Students preparing to enter seminary may want to consider applying these ideas to have a great seminary experience.

How to Help High School Graduates Enroll in Institute

How to Help High School Graduates Enroll in Institute

As high school students eagerly await graduation, they prepare for an uncertain future filled with unique challenges and life-changing decisions. It is in these years that young adults choose to serve missions, begin seeking an eternal companion, identify post-secondary courses of study and occupational goals, and resolve to live a life of discipleship.