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May 19, 2017

Opening the Door to the Savior

As we open the door to our hearts, the Savior will enter and sup with us.
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During May, many of you will complete your study of the New Testament with your students. As you share final insights about the Savior, His gospel, and the establishment of His Church, teach and testify of some of the important truths the Apostle John shared in the book of Revelation: Jesus Christ knows each of us personally (see Revelation 3:8), He will correct us when we need correction (see Revelation 3:19), and He will reach out to us when we seek Him (see Revelation 3:5). As we open the door to the Savior, He will come in to us and sup with us (see Revelation 3:20).

To “sup” involves more than eating; it’s a sign of fellowship or friendship (see New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual [2016], 538). If we are to have the fellowship and friendship of the Savior, we must actively open the door to let Him in. Consider including one or more of the following videos in your lessons as you teach and testify of the importance of opening the door to the Savior:

Invite Students to Share

As you discuss ways to open the door to the Savior, invite students to share what works for them personally. Then invite them to use social media to continue their conversation about how they can open the door to the Savior in their lives. Shareable images can be found on the LDS Seminary Facebook page and are included below.

In your discussions with your students, encourage them to identify specific times they have intentionally invited the Savior into their lives. As you and your students share thoughts on social media, consider answering the following questions:

  • What have I done this week to invite the Savior into my life?
  • What is one thing I will do today to open the door to the Savior?

Include #LDSSeminary in the post.

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