Remember Him through Temple Worthiness

    “Remember Him through Temple Worthiness,” Ensign, Oct. 1990, 49

    The Visiting Teacher:

    Remember Him through Temple Worthiness

    “For behold, I have accepted this house, and my name shall be here; and I will manifest myself to my people in mercy in this house.” (D&C 110:7.)

    As she became more active in the Church, Sharon had a great desire to go to the temple. “After many months, my bishop assured me that I had done all possible to [qualify for] a temple recommend,” she says. But she wondered: “Was I really worthy? Would I be able to live up to the covenants I would make? …

    “Upon entering the temple that day, I felt a tangible warmth and comfort. My loneliness eased away because I felt that many seen and unseen sisters and brothers stood near. … Tears filled my eyes as feelings of uneasiness and unworthiness slipped away.” (Ensign, Oct. 1986, p. 55.)

    Obtaining a Temple Recommend

    Because of the sacredness of temple teachings and ordinances, we must be prepared to enter the temple. Temple worthiness is determined by the bishop or branch president and by a member of the stake or mission presidency after they interview the person who is applying for a temple recommend. Questions such as the following help the individual to examine his or her personal worthiness:

    Do you have a testimony of the gospel? Do you support local and General Authorities? Are you morally clean? Are you a member in good standing in the Church? Do you keep the Word of Wisdom? Do you accept and follow the teachings and programs of the Church?

    Preparing Continually to Attend

    There may be times when it is not possible for us to attend the temple. Conditions may exist that postpone the opportunity. But we can keep that goal foremost in our minds by always striving to maintain our worthiness.

    Joyce, a sister whose husband is unendowed, is grateful that she was prepared when the time came that she could attend the temple. She records:

    “My first indication that this Sunday was going to be out of the ordinary was when the bishop came to sit beside me.

    “‘I got a letter this week that will interest you,’ he said.

    “‘Oh? What kind of letter?’ I asked.

    “‘It was a letter from the First Presidency stating a policy change. If you’ll get written permission from your husband, you can now go to the temple to receive your endowment.’

    “I was speechless; I couldn’t believe it! The bishop continued, ‘Talk to your husband, then get yourself ready to go.’

    “I fervently replied, ‘Oh, I’m ready!’

    “How grateful I am that I was prepared for this opportunity when it came!”

    As members of the Lord’s church, we have the opportunity to someday enter his holy temple to worship, to make eternal covenants, and to receive the blessings that can be given only there. If we live in accordance with the requirements for entering the temple, we will always be ready to partake of those blessings.

    Suggestions for Visiting Teachers

    1. Share with the sister you visit the blessings that have come to your life through living the gospel and what the temple means to you.

    2. Ask the sister you visit to share her feelings about the temple.

    (See Family Home Evening Resource Book, pp. 189–90 for related materials.)

    Illustrated by Beth Maryon Whittaker