The Former Rain

    “The Former Rain,” Ensign, Aug. 1994, 45

    The Former Rain

    Once upon the children’s bedtime

    the ark again appeared.

    We made it from a cardboard box

    and something of good cheer.

    All heaven smiled upon our labor

    to make a box a boat

    and fill it with stuffed animals

    and make it fit to float.

    And when the animals settled in

    the children climbed aboard,

    first Shannon, Anna, then little Matt,

    as bidden by the Lord.

    My wife was lightning, wind, and thunder.

    I was howling rain.

    We whirled the boat from side to side

    as though a weather vane,

    and it seemed the children’s laughter,

    itself a falling rain,

    made a rainbow ‘round the house

    to alleviate all pain.

    And when the children’s laughter died,

    it did not die in vain,

    but fashioned love within their eyes

    where rainbows yet remain.