Of Good Report

    “Of Good Report,” Ensign, Apr. 1995, 79–80

    Of Good Report

    City Park Project

    With the approval of the Guayaquil, Ecuador, city government, more than 250 Church members joined together to clean the Guayaquil Park. The project was part of an effort by Church members to become actively involved in community service projects.

    After picking up garbage and debris at the park, members further beautified the grounds by painting a large obelisk.

    Members of all ages participated in the project, and local media representatives covered the activity. Several television reporters interviewed local Church leaders during the day, and one newspaper article talked about the good example of Church members.

    The efforts of local members won the admiration of city authorities, who praised the workers’ efficiency and unity.—César H. Cacuango, Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Group Effort

    After local Church leaders and members toured Step 13 facilities (men’s and women’s homeless shelters) in Denver, Colorado, members from the area eagerly looked for opportunities to help the organization.

    The first activity involved collecting and sorting used clothing. Volunteers then drove to both facilities and distributed the donations. In addition, members spent an hour pulling weeds in the backyard of the women’s shelter.

    Six weeks later, youth from the Aurora First Ward showed up with a truckload of sod. Before long, the whole backyard and half of the front were green. Pleased with the improvement, women in the shelter finished the rest of the front yard by themselves the next morning.

    Members in the area continued to be involved with the organization. Bins were set up in the Denver Colorado Stake parking lot, and members donated glass and aluminum to be recycled. The proceeds benefited Step 13.

    Relief Society sisters in the Crestmoor Ward planted flowers at the women’s shelter, and single adults in the stake prepared and served a meal at the men’s shelter.

    Several Scouts in the stake organized various Eagle projects to benefit Step 13. Clothes, including work clothes for the men, eyeglasses, and books were donated. One young man planned a project that included painting the interior of the women’s shelter.

    When one sister saw an empty chapel at the men’s shelter, she asked the program director about church services. Now members are helping provide music and talks on Tuesday evenings for spiritual services.—Joy K. Young, Sandy, Utah

    Festival of Children

    Sisters in the Relief Society of the Westminster Third Ward, Huntington Beach North Stake, recently participated in the International Children’s Festival at Golden West College.

    About one hundred preschool-aged children enjoyed a morning of music, dance, singing, games, puppetry, and storytelling from cultures around the world. Mimi Lozano Holtzman, volunteer event coordinator, demonstrated puppets from China, England, India, Indonesia, and Mexico. Darlene Jensen shared Norwegian troll tales she’d learned on her mission. Marcy Woolf displayed Brazilian folks dolls she makes, and Shirley Pitchforth showed an antique music box and told of her ancestors’ trek across the Plains. Heather Usevitch played the violin and shared tidbits of European heritage. And Laura Diehl led the children in singing, using many Primary songs and games.

    The children also made paper leis to wear home. The festival theme of cultural heritage was emphasized by distributing a simplified pedigree form for the children to take home to encourage their families to appreciate their heritage.

    “With the help of Mimi and the women from her church, it was a wonderful multicultural experience enjoyed by young and old,” said the director of the Intercultural Center at Golden West College.—Carolyn Sessions Allen, Huntington Beach, California

    Members in Guayaquil join efforts to clean up local park.

    Teresa Dever shows children some Mexican money.