Inventions and Inventors

    “Inventions and Inventors,” Friend, Mar. 1985, 23

    Inventions and Inventors

    Match each invention in the numbered column with the appropriate inventor in the lettered column.

    1. Mercury thermometer

    a. Linus Yale, Jr.

    2. Vulcanized rubber

    b. William Burroughs

    3. Air brake

    c. Ferdinand von Zeppelin

    4. Commercial adding machine

    d. Samuel Colt

    5. Long, oval airship

    e. Jacob Schick

    6. Electric battery

    f. Charles Goodyear

    7. Electric shaver

    g. George Westinghouse

    8. Condensed milk process

    h. Hans Geiger

    9. Elevator with safety devices

    i. Gabriel D. Fahrenheit

    10. Modern railway sleeping car

    j. Willis H. Carrier

    11. Bunsen burner

    k. Gail Borden

    12. Key-operated cylinder lock

    l. Alessandro Volta

    13. Geiger counter

    m. George M. Pullman

    14. Repeating pistol

    n. Robert W. Bunsen

    15. Modern air-conditioning system

    o. Elisha G. Otis


    • (1) i, (2) f, (3) g, (4) b, (5) c, (6) l, (7) e, (8) k, (9) o, (10) m, (11) n, (12) a, (13) h, (14) d, (15) j.