Prime Rhyme

    “Prime Rhyme,” Friend, July 1985, 47

    Prime Rhyme

    Here is a game you can play as a travel amusement, as a family home evening activity, or simply as something different to do with your friends. First, think of two rhyming words with the same number of syllables, such as silly billy. Next, give a two-word clue, such as “foolish goat,” and let the other players guess what your prime rhyme is. The one who guesses it first gets to give the next clue. Here are a few prime rhymes to get you started.

    1. Grumpy employer

    2. Insane flower

    3. Overweight feline

    4. Fuzzy fruit

    5. Sad paste

    6. Heated kettle

    7. Lengthy melody

    8. Cattle food

    9. Shop entrance

    10. Happy father

    11. Sugary snack

    12. Beautiful town

    13. Ocean’s wind

    14. Evening view

    15. Ebony bag


    • (1) cross boss, (2) crazy daisy, (3) fat cat, (4) hairy berry, (5) blue glue, (6) hot pot, (7) long song, (8) cow chow, (9) store door, (10) glad dad, (11) sweet treat, (12) pretty city, (13) sea’s breeze, (14) night sight, (15) black sack.