Dogs around the World

    “Dogs around the World,” Friend, Mar. 1990, 43

    Dogs around the World

    Match the breed of dog with its description.

    1. Short-haired German dog with medium build and pugilistic name

    a. Malamute

    2. Sled-pulling Alaskan Eskimo dog

    b. Collie

    3. White or cream-colored Siberian sled dog

    c. Chow Chow

    4. Smallest breed, from Mexico

    d. Boxer

    5. Large, long-haired sheepdog from Scotland

    e. Bulldog

    6. Chinese dog with black mouth and tongue and full ruff of hair

    f. Komondor

    7. Medium-size Irish terrier with long head and bluish hair

    g. Samoyed

    8. Large white coach dog with black or brown spots, named for the district along the Adriatic Sea

    h. Lhasa apso

    9. Sad-eyed, long-eared French hunting dog

    i. Sealyham terrier

    10. Compact English dog with keen judgement and undershot lower jaw

    j. Dalmatian

    11. Lifesaving alpine dog from Switzerland

    k. Afghan

    12. Short-legged, mostly-white Welsh dog

    l. Chihuahua

    13. Small Tibetan dog with hair that falls over its eyes, and tail that curves over its back

    m. Kerry blue terrier

    14. Tall, slender, silky-haired hunting dog originally from Egypt

    n. Basset hound

    15. Shaggy-coated white Hungarian sheepdog

    o. Saint Bernard


    • (1) d, (2) a, (3) g, (4) l, (5) b, (6) c, (7) m, (8) j, (9) n, (10) e, (11) o, (12) i, (13) h, (14) k, (15) f.