Grace’s Song

    “Grace’s Song,” Friend, May 2010, 32–33

    Grace’s Song

    Every good gift cometh of Christ (Moroni 10:18).

    1. Grace was nervous. She was going to sing with her little brother, Ethan, in sacrament meeting.

    2. When it was time for Grace and Ethan to sing, Grace looked at Mom. “You can do it, Grace,” Mom whispered.

    3. Grace and Ethan walked to the front of the chapel and stood behind the podium so that everyone could see them. Grace saw Dad smiling at her.

    4. When the music started, Grace and Ethan sang “Jesus Has Risen.” Grace remembered all of the words and all of the notes.

    5. When the song ended, Grace gave Ethan a big hug. Grace felt happy inside.

    6. Grace and Ethan walked back to their seats and sat next to Mom and Dad. They were happy too. “That was beautiful,” Dad whispered.

    7. Grace smiled. She was glad she and her brother could sing about Jesus.

    Illustrations by Adam Koford