Lemonade for Grandpa

    “Lemonade for Grandpa,” Friend, July 2016, 46–47

    Lemonade for Grandpa

    Lemonade for Grandpa

    Emily poured the last of the lemonade into her cup and went outside. It was a hot day! Emily was glad she had some cold lemonade. Then she saw Grandpa pushing the lawn mower. He looked hot and tired. Emily really wanted the whole cup of lemonade. But she knew Grandpa would be thirsty. Emily went back inside. She got another cup and poured in half of her lemonade. Then she took it outside to Grandpa. He stopped the lawn mower. They drank their lemonade. Grandpa smiled and said, “Thank you for sharing your lemonade!”

    A Happy Sharing Day

    Have a happy day by sharing! Match up the things below with people you can share them with.

    • Book

    • Toy

    • Ball

    • Game

    • Book of Mormon

    • Apple

    • Smile

    • Mommy

    • Daddy

    • Sister

    • Brother

    • Grandpa

    • Grandma

    • Friend