New Temple Presidents Begin Service

    “New Temple Presidents Begin Service,” Liahona, Feb. 2011, 77–78

    New Temple Presidents Begin Service

    Beginning on November 1, 2010, 53 new temple presidents and their wives began serving in temples around the world. There are currently 134 temples in operation around the world with another 23 announced or under construction.

    Aba Nigeria

    Alexander A. and Theresa A. Odume*

    Anchorage Alaska

    Melvin R. and Sharon V. Perkins

    Birmingham Alabama

    Kent R. and Geniel R. Van Kampen

    Campinas Brazil

    George A. and Jeannette N. Oakes

    Caracas Venezuela

    Luis M. and Juana P. Petit

    Chicago Illinois

    Paul W. and Ann P. Castleton

    Ciudad Juárez Mexico

    Manuel and Elsa M. Araiz

    Cochabamba Bolivia

    Lee W. and Connie C. Crayk

    Columbia River Washington

    T. Dean and Patrice A. Moody

    Columbus Ohio

    Edward J. and Carol B. Brandt

    Copenhagen Denmark

    H. Hjort Nielsen and Ellen Haibrock

    Curitiba Brazil

    José M. and Aida C. Arias

    Dallas Texas

    Robert C. and Talmadge M. Packard

    Detroit Michigan

    Phillip G. and Margaret K. Pulsipher

    Draper Utah

    Russell E. and Christine C. Tueller*

    Edmonton Alberta

    Bryce D. and Kathryn Card

    Fresno California

    Paul B. and Judith H. Hansen

    Guadalajara Mexico

    Jaime F. and M. Teresa Herrera

    Halifax Nova Scotia

    Douglas M. and Carol Ann Robinson

    Hamilton New Zealand

    James and Frances M. Dunlop

    Hong Kong China

    John M. and Lydia C. Aki

    Johannesburg South Africa

    Kenneth S. and Muriel D. Armstrong

    Kyiv Ukraine

    B. John and Carol Galbraith*

    Lima Peru

    Robert W. and Kay Lees

    London England

    C. Raymond and Irene M. Lowry

    Manhattan New York

    W. Blair and Suzanne J. Garff

    Medford Oregon

    David J. and Pauline Davis

    Melbourne Australia

    Malcolm R. and Ruthje M. Mullis

    Memphis Tennessee

    T. Evan and Lou Anne W. Nebeker

    Mérida Mexico

    Zeniff and Elizabeth Mejía

    Monterrey Mexico

    C. Juan Antonio and Isabel S. Machuca

    Nashville Tennessee

    R. Lloyd and Judy R. Smith

    Nauvoo Illinois

    Spencer J. and Dorothea S. Condie

    Nuku’alofa Tonga

    Pita F. and Lani A. Hopoate

    Orlando Florida

    David T. and Lana W. Halversen

    Panama City Panama

    D. Chad and Elizabeth B. Richardson

    Perth Australia

    Geoffrey J. and Lesley M. Liddicoat

    Portland Oregon

    Myron G. and Gearldine T. Child

    Provo Utah

    Robert H. and Janet L. Daines

    Raleigh North Carolina

    J. Mitchel and Z. Sue Scott

    Reno Nevada

    Franklin B. and Joyce C. Wadsworth

    Rexburg Idaho

    Clair O. and Anne Thueson

    Santiago Chile

    Julio E. and Elena Otay

    Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

    Larry K. and Joann W. Bair

    Seattle Washington

    Donald E. and Jane H. Pugh

    Seoul Korea

    Song Pyung-Jong and Yang Gye-Young

    Spokane Washington

    Charles H. and Elizabeth M. Recht

    St. George Utah

    Bruce C. and Marie K. Hafen

    St. Paul Minnesota

    C. Kent and Karen J. Hugh

    Tampico Mexico

    Barry R. and Risa L. Udall

    Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico

    Jorge D. and Irma Del Toro Arrevillaga

    Twin Falls Idaho

    Karl E. and Beverly C. Nelson

    Winter Quarters Nebraska

    Maury W. and Joan Schooff

    • These couples began serving earlier in the year.

    The Twin Falls Idaho Temple is one of 53 temples that received a new president on November 1, 2010.

    Photograph by Matt Reier