Hello from Mexico

    “Hello from Mexico,” Liahona, February 2019

    Hello from Mexico!

    I’m Margo. And I’m Paolo. We’re traveling to a different country each month to learn about children of God around the world. Join us as we visit Mexico!

    Hello from Mexico

    Mexico is in North America. It has more than 120 million people. About 1.5 million of them are members of the Church.

    The main language of Mexico is Spanish. Here’s a Book of Mormon in Spanish. Guess what? In Spanish, the prophet Alma’s name means soul.

    Family is very important to people in Mexico. Families often gather for holidays and to have fun. These children are hitting a piñata filled with fruits and candy!

    Did you know that chocolate was invented in Mexico? Chocolate is one of the ingredients in a dish called mole poblano. This sauce also includes chilies, nuts, fruits, and spices. ¡Delicioso!

    Do you like fútbol? It’s the most popular sport in Mexico!

    There are 13 temples in Mexico. Here are photos of the beautiful temples in Mexico City and Tijuana.

    Meet some of our friends from Mexico!

    “One day I had a big problem, and I felt really sad. I went to church and listened to the testimonies about Jesus. I felt the Holy Ghost, and it made me happy. I know Heavenly Father helped me feel happy.” Abby D., age 7, Puebla, Mexico

    “I know that in these days Heavenly Father speaks to the prophet just as He did in the past. If I listen to and follow the prophet, I will be blessed, and it will help me to be more like Jesus Christ.” Benjamin D., age 9, Puebla, Mexico

    Thanks for exploring Mexico with us. See you next time!