Resources for Military Members



Within this site you will find the resources available to priesthood leaders and military members, including Church distribution materials, related addresses and articles, and a link to the Church Meetinghouse Locator site.

Church Materials for Priesthood Leaders and Military Members

For over 60 years, the Church has provided the Military Scripture Set (English only) to members serving in the military. In 2003, an updated version of the book Principles of the Gospel was again included in the set. Principles of the Gospel and the Serving Your Country brochure will soon be made available to Church members serving in the military in non-English-speaking countries, beginning with Spanish and Portuguese. This will be a great blessing to many Church members throughout the world. The military section of the Online Store provides a complete listing of materials for military members.

Service Member Group Leader's Kit

The following items are included in the Group Leader's Kit, item number 08208:

Military Garments for Endowed Members

Desert tan military garments may be ordered through Church Distribution. These are used by members in the US Army and Air Force with their combat uniforms. If your branch of service or unit requires that you wear different colored T-shirts, please contact the Distribution Center at 801-240-4999. If you send in T-shirts to be marked, please use the attached order form.

Principles of the Gospel  Book (PDF)

The Principles of the Gospel book is now available as part of the Military Scripture Set. Sections of the book include Special Instructions for Latter-day Saints in the Military, Gospel Topics, Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings, and Selected Hymns. Principles of the Gospel is now available to Church members serving in the military in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries (for more information, you may contact Military Relations by e-mail or by phone at 801-240-2286).

Additional Resources

Scriptures relating to war and subjection to civilian authorities and rulers: