Stake Indexing Director

Indexing is "vital to family history and temple work."
First Presidency Letter, (Feb. 29, 2012)



1: Understand your Calling


You make a difference. Did you know that stakes with indexing directors typically contribute up to ten times more indexed records than stakes without? That’s more heart-turning experiences in your stake, more searchable records on, and more members finding their ancestors and taking their names to the temple.

Regularly indexing and arbitrating will qualify you for a testimony of this great work.


2. Counsel with Priesthood Leaders

Stake indexing directors can help priesthood leaders utilize indexing to lead members to the temple, invite the Spirit into member’s homes, and provide a “sure way to eliminate the influence of the adversary” in member’s lives.

3. Recruit Volunteers

As you experience and teach members and leaders about the blessings of this work, it will be easier to invite volunteers to participate.

Council with your leaders about individuals or groups that would especially benefit by experiencing the spirit of Elijah through indexing.

4. Train Indexers and Arbitrators

As a stake indexing director, one of your key responsibilities is to train indexers until they feel confident participating on their own. It is also important to find and train qualified arbitrators in your stake.