Christmas Articles

Rediscovering the Christmas Spirit – President Thomas S. Monson

Of Curtains, Contentment, and Christmas – President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The Gifts of Christmas – President Henry B. Eyring

Because He Came – President Thomas S. Monson

Christmas within You – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

The Choice to be Grateful – President Henry B. Eyring

The Peace and Joy of Knowing the Savior Lives – Elder Russell M. Nelson

Can We See the Christ? – President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The Best Christmas Ever – President Thomas S. Monson

Thoughtful Gifts - Rebekah Atkin

This Shall Be a Sign unto You - Whitney Hinckley

Gifts You Can't Wrap - Elyse Alexandria Holmes

Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas

First Presidency Christmas Devotionals

Two Christmas songs on sheet music: 

The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles.

Read and share this special message about Jesus Christ.

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