For Families

As you experience a more fulfilling holiday season, help others accept the real gift of Christmas.

Talk with your children about the real gift of Christmas. 


Matt and Mandy video: A Reason to Rejoice

Matt and Mandy video: A Wonderful Christmas


For more activities and ideas, please see below:

“A Christmas Gift for Jesus” 
A colorful page depicting ideas of what a child could give Christ during Christmas.

“A Different Kind of Christmas Tree” 
A story for young children about a family who focuses on Christ while decorating their Christmas tree. Includes a spot-the-difference activity and a Nativity coloring page.

“Jesus Is Born”
An overview of the Nativity story, including historical facts.

“Straw for the Manger” 
A boy enjoys adding a piece of straw to the manger each time he does a good deed during the Christmas season.

“The Christmas Tree” 
Sister Harriet R. Uchtdorf shares a story about a special Christmas from her childhood. Includes a Christmas ornament craft.

“The First Christmas Gift” 
A story for young children about a boy remembering the true meaning of Christmas. This also includes a finding activity.

“The Open House” 
A girl focuses on the true meaning of Christmas when her ward holds an open house instead of a ward party.