Disability News and Updates

ASL Seminary and Institute Classes

May 29, 2012

Seminary and Institute classes in ASL are available over the Internet using video phones. These programs are available for deaf youth and young adults of the Church throughout the United States who are interested in studying the scriptures, which are taught in ASL.

In January of 2012 the Church News and Events website highlighted these programs in an article called “ASL Seminary Classes Bloom on Site of Original Seminary Class” that goes into further details about these seminary classes.

More information about these programs can be found at Institute.lds.org/asl for institute classes and seminary.lds.org/asl for seminary.

Ward or Stake Disability Specialist

May 1, 2012

Handbook 2 states, “The bishopric or stake presidency may call a ward or stake disability specialist to help individuals and families.”

Recently guidelines have been developed to give more direction and clarity to someone with that calling. To view these guidelines, visit the Disability Specialist page on LDS.org.

Additional information is available in an article called “New Information for Disability Specialists” on news.LDS.org. This article goes into details about ways someone in this calling can help leaders reach out to and bless the lives of members with disabilities.

Help ward and stake leaders become aware of this calling by referring them to the Disability Specialist page on LDS.org.