Disability News and Updates


Reaching Out to Members with Disabilities

February 4, 2013

An article in the January Ensign called “Embracing Ethan, Accepting Autism” shows how one ward family reaches out with love to a young man with autism and his family.  It also gives tips for including member with disabilities.

More information on reaching out to members with disabilities can be found under the First Presidency Statement on Disabilities in General Information.

Featured Video: My Brother Hyrum

December 7, 2012

A past statement by the First Presidency on disabilities says, “We urge leaders, teachers, neighbors, friends, and families to help increase awareness and understanding of disabilities.”  This week’s featured video “My Brother Hyrum” on Create and Share Your Media Talents on lds.org is an example of how Rusty Earl is working to “increase awareness and understanding” of autism. 

Autism affects everyone differently. Rusty Earl said, “Autism is a hard condition to explain to others. Even when your child has had it for years, it's still hard to put into words.”

If you have a video that will “help increase awareness and understanding of disabilities,” please submit it to share with others. 

More information about autism can be found on disability.lds.org under autism in the disability list.

Scriptures in Accessible Formats

October 30, 2012

As technology progresses so does the Church’s ability to make the scriptures available in many different formats for people with disabilities.   The Church News recently highlighted these various formats in an article called “The digital word of God.”

More information about accessible formats can be found on the Accessible Materials page