Disability News and Updates - May

Parenting Style and Developmental Disabilities

May 16, 2013

Two faculty members from BYU did a study on how parenting style affects children with developmental disabilities.  A Church News and Events article “Positive Parenting is Key for Child with Developmental Disability” discusses the results of this study. 

More information on developmental disabilities can be found on lds.org.

Seminary Blesses Lives

May 9, 2013

Several deaf students in the United States attend American Sign Language (ASL) Seminary using videophones.    “Hearing with the Heart” an article in the May 2013 New Era tells how ASL Seminary has blessed the lives of these students. It gives them feelings of camaraderie and has taught them to feel and listen to the Spirit.

More information on ASL Seminary can be found at seminary.lds.org.

Family Relationships

May 9, 2013

In the May 2013 New Era article “Supporting Each Other” Aryn and her family explain how the gospel helps them strengthen their relationships with each other.  They use gospel principles to deal with the emotional ups and downs that dealing with a disability can bring into a family.

More information for families with members who have a disability can be found on the Families page.