Disability News and Updates - September


Scripture Reading makes a Difference

September 3, 2013

The August 2013 Ensign article “Reading the Scriptures despite My Dyslexia” one member explains how she reads the scriptures daily to show her obedience.  She has dyslexia, which makes it hard for her to understand what she has read. Overtime as she has continued to read daily she has been able to comprehend more from her scripture reading.

More information on learning disabilities is available here.

Finding ways to Serve Others

September 3, 2013

In the April 2012 General Conference Elder Ronald Rasband said, “It is my hope and prayer that we will continue to bear nobly our burdens and to reach out to those among us who are suffering and in need of being lifted and encouraged” (Ronald A. Rasband, “Special Lessons,” Ensign, May 2012, 80.  Brittany a young woman in New Mexico is trying to do this in spite of adversity in her life.  An article in the August 2013 New Era titled “Operation Happiness” tells how Brittany’s digestive system is paralyzed and she has been hospitalized several times, but that doesn’t keep her from focusing on lifting others. Through her efforts she finds opportunities to bring a smile to those who are suffering.

Learn more about Brittany in the video “God Will Lift Us Up.”