Looking Back Prepares Us to Go Forward

Elder Bradley D. Foster 


Connect with your family like never before...

A lesson from the premier family in the Book of Mormon—the family of Lehi and Sariah—shows us by example how going back for family records can help us press forward with the knowledge that God is mindful of us, and that families are of vital importance in His plan for our happiness.

The blessings and knowledge that Lehi’s family obtained from the brass plates is a gift we can also experience in our own families today. Our journey through life’s wilderness never need be directionless. When we know who we are and where we come from, we will always be blessed with a clearer vision of where we’re going.

Did you know that children who know their family history tend to be more resilient when facing life’s challenges? Discovering ancestral names and learning from their life stories can provide each of us with a sense of belonging and with a better knowledge of who we are in relation to God and to one another.

Experiencing a Family Discovery Day is one way you can seek out those blessings. Family Discovery Day is an event for everyone. It’s a fun, exciting, and meaningful experience created to help families and individuals make connections, find their ancestors, build their family trees, and discover and share family stories.

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