Living Waters are Within Your Reach


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The world needs healing. The whole human family needs healing. No doubt your family needs healing too—not only the living, but those who’ve gone before. Temple and family history work enables you to reach across generations, to make eternal blessings possible for those who cannot claim them on their own, and to find the grace you need here and now.

During this year’s Family Discovery Day, Elder Dale G. Renlund spoke of these blessings. He told of an angel who showed Ezekiel in vision the House of the Lord where waters flowed from under the temple door. The water eventually grew into a great river, so wide it became uncrossable, but the waters miraculously healed and gave life to everything they touched (see Ezek. 47:1–9).

Elder Renlund went on to explain that “the water that’s moving forth from the temple represents blessings, which flow from the temples to heal families and give them life. . . . The blessings of the temple are available to everything and everyone. And what blessings! ‘Everything shall live whither the river cometh’ (Ezek. 47:9).”

He then renewed and expanded an apostolic challenge issued earlier by Elders Neil L. Anderson and Quentin L. Cook, challenging us to find as many names to take to the temple as ordinances we perform there, and asking us to teach others to do the same. He also promised that if we take up this challenge, we will receive protection from temptation and the world’s ills, as well as blessings of personal power.

Just as Ezekiel saw the waters issue from the House of the Lord, likewise Zechariah, Joel, and John the Revelator prophesied that living water would flow from the temples again in the latter days (see Joel 3:18; Zech. 14:8; Rev. 22:1–2).

You are living in those days. The immeasurable blessings of temple and family history work are yours. The living waters are within your reach. Those sacred waters can heal and bless your family. They can heal the world.