A Child’s Anchor in the Wind

Sister Rosemary M. Wixom


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Today there are many challenges and temptations that can lure children into addictive and destructive behaviors, and those potential dangers are—and will continue to be—at their fingertips. Adversarial winds have blown throughout time and will keep on blowing with increasing force, so how do we keep our children safe and secure? Is there a taproot that can anchor them in the wind?

Research has shown that when children know who they are, where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going, their lives take on a sense of purpose, enabling them to grasp tightly to truth. The taproot—that will anchor children in adversarial winds—is helping them see themselves in God’s great plan.

We live in a time when we need to be real with our children and fearlessly teach them truths they need to know—that they are loved and valued by God, and by us, and that they have an important part to play in God’s plan. As children wake up to this realization and feel God’s love for them, they develop taproot-like qualities. They become stable, drought-tolerant, self sufficient, and resilient.

On every family tree, there is fruit to be gathered and shared—precious pieces of information that have the potential to nourish and strengthen our youth. When children know who their ancestors are and become familiar with their stories, it can strengthen them and give them courage to face adversity.

Gathering and sharing the fruit of our family tree is up to us. How do we make our ancestors real for our children? We tell their stories. Too much courage, faith, and real-life challenges have gone into their lives for us to let their examples dissolve like faded ink on paper.

Together we can anchor all generations to the taproot as we share precious pieces of information about those wonderful men and women who can teach us about life and how to live it.

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