Getting Started

Where Do I Start?

Learn from Elder Bednar and youth how to discover your family tree, find family records, and prepare names for the temple. The basic process includes:


What If . . .

Here are some ideas to help with common questions when it comes to getting started with family history.

My Family Tree Is Empty--What Should I Do?

When you look at your family tree, are you the only person listed? Learn how to quickly link to ancestors' records already in FamilySearch.

I'm Trying to Find Ancestors Who Need Ordinances

Learn how to find ancestors who need temple ordinances. Expand your vision of your tree to more than just your direct-line ancestors.

My Work Is All Done--What Now?

Does your family tree already appear complete? Is there a way to still find individuals who belong on your tree? Use resources on to help you.

I Want to Share Names with Others

Do you or someone in your family have names reserved for temple work? Share names with your family, ward, and stake members to ensure your ancestors' work is completed in a timely manner.

Why Family History?

Watch how temple and family history helped the Jess family from the Springfield Illinois Stake heal and turn their hearts to one another.