Exercising Priesthood Keys

It all starts with priesthood keys.


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The Priesthood keys form one great whole, which is the work of salvation. D&C 110:16; 128:11; 124:141-143; 65:2.

Each priesthood leader has the rights and blessing of exercising different parts of those keys. Each of those parts comes together to help bless the living and the dead and accomplish the work of salvation.

The Blessings of Family History


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When you have experienced the joy of finding ancestors and performing their temple ordinances, you will become a powerful witness of how the spirit of Elijah can bless lives. You can then inspire the members you serve to follow a similar path and experience these promised blessings:

We All Work Together

Seek the guidance of the Spirit to know how you can provide the members of your stake with these great blessings. And remember, you are not alone. You may enlist the help of others.

For reference, see Handbook 2, 5 The Work of Salvation in the Ward and Stake.