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Helping Others to Love Family History

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Focus your efforts where possible on temple ordinances. Invite those you are helping to involve other family members in their temple service.


  • See yourself as a missionary in your family history efforts. You are on the Lord’s errand.
  • Live worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost; act on promptings as they come.
  • Pray specifically to be led to those who are ready to have spiritual experiences with family history.
  • Work with your high priests group leader and others on the ward council to identify people who you can help.

Places to find others to help:

Adapt these ideas based on local needs:

  • Under the direction of your bishop, use Sunday School time to provide one-on-one help for a 2- or 3-week period based on these principles.
  • Offer to help recently baptized members so that they can attend the temple for the first time with family names.
  • Offer to help families find family names as part of a family home evening.
  • Work with youth leaders to offer one-on-one help to youth classes or quorums.
  • Work with primary leaders to offer one-on-one help to 11-year-olds preparing to go to the temple when they turn 12.
  • Offer to help recently called missionaries who will be attending the temple for the first time and would benefit from having family names as they subsequently attend the temple.

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