Youth Temple Challenge

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Accept the Challenge

Elder Neil L. Andersen has challenged all youth to take their own names to the temple.

Are you ready to accept today?

Download the temple challenge video: 360p | 720p


Find a Name

Go to FamilySearch and see how easy it is to find a name.

  • Watch the Video
  • Find a Name
  • Reserve the Ordinances
  • Print a Family Ordinance Request
Having trouble finding names? Try using to help spot hidden opportunities.
Parents and grandparents missing from your Tree? Start with My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together.

Go to the Temple

Get a temple recommend from your bishop.

Take your Family Ordinance Request and recommend to the temple.

Enjoy the special spirit in the temple.



Share with Others

Share your experience with friends and family.

Encourage others to accept the challenge and show them how to do it.


Contact us, and share your experience at

Download the temple challenge poster to share with your congregation or class.

Click the thumbnails to see how these youth shared their stories!