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In Sickness and Health

See how faith and love can remain strong through the challenges and the changing seasons of our lives.

Youth Videos

A Brand New Year 2010: Physical Health

The Lord has commanded you to take good care of your body. Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. In this video, youth from around the world talk about staying healthy and obeying the Word of Wisdom.

Other Videos

Word of Wisdom

A man describes his commitment to follow God's commandment to care for the body He has given us.

I'm Lindsey Stirling and I'm a Mormon

What do modern dance, classical violin, and techno music have in common? The answer is a spunky Mormon performer with a talent for multitasking!

I'm a Mormon, Former Ballerina, and Fashion Executive

Athelia Lesueur, a Mormon ballerina, always thought her life would be dance. When health challenges derailed her plans, Athelia discovered another passion: fashion.

Chapter 31: The Word of Wisdom (February 1833)

The Lord reveals to Joseph the Word of Wisdom, a health commandment requiring respect and honor for our bodies. The Lord promises many physical and spiritual blessings for complete obedience.

God Gave Them Knowledge

Daniel shows obedience to the commandments of the Lord by not eating the king's wine and meat (Daniel 1-2).


Provident Living podcasts

Health (Episode 4)

Host Val Dawson welcomes Martha Bray, board-certified holistic family nurse practitioner, and some of her team members from the Advanced Health Clinic in Farmington, Utah. Martha, Josh Christiansen, Kaye Smith, and Louise Jorgenson talk with Val about living a healthy life.

Mormon Identities

Mental and Emotional Health (Episode 59)

Eric Huntsman interviews Dr. Maxford McBride (a clinical psychologist) and Dr. Daniel K. Judd (member of the board of trustees for LDS Family Services) about emotional and mental health. Dr. McBride defines emotional and mental health as being able to enjoy life and deal with life's problems effectively. And Dr. McBride and Dr. Judd explain how individuals and families can overcome challenges with help from Church leaders and professionals.

Latter-day Health (Episode 40)

Latter-day Saint teaching stresses the importance of caring for our bodies. As we start a new year, many of us make resolutions to improve our diet and exercise programs, but we are not always successful at following through. Join host Eric Huntsman as he talks with Phil Allsen, a professor of exercise science, and Patrick Steffan, an associate professor of psychology, as they discuss not only the principles of good exercise and diet but also ways for improving our motivation while improving our health, quality of life, and even relationships.

Emotional Health of Latter-day Saints (Episode 20)

Certainly members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not without mental and emotional challenges. Robert Millet and Daniel Judd, professors of ancient scripture, take a closer look at the statistics of emotional health among Church members. They also talk about how LDS culture may contribute to some of the issues, while the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ helps us to become an emotionally and spiritually whole, healthy people.

Gospel Solutions for Families

Caring for Family Members with Health Needs—Part 1 (Episode 27)

Brother Matthew O. Richardson, second counselor in the Sunday School general presidency, hosts an episode about caring for family members with health challenges. He speaks with Amy White, a member of the Sunday School general board, and David McGinn, a stake president.

Caring for Family Members with Health Needs—Part 2 (Episode 28)

Matthew O. Richardson continues the discussion about caring for family members with health challenges. He speaks with Amy White, a member of the Sunday School general board, and David McGinn, a stake president.

We Will Stand

Physical and Emotional Health (Episode 13)

Our bodies are a gift from God. We must do the best we can to care for them and live a healthy lifestyle. The Word of Wisdom, which we'll discuss today, is a guideline to help us reach a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Why I Believe

The Word of Wisdom (Episode 14)

Join Rick Starr as we explore why we believe in the Word of Wisdom. Hear quotes from General Authorities and the stories of two men who talk about the difference living the Word of Wisdom has made in their lives.

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