Patriarchal Blessings

Dallin H. Oaks

January 2005 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting

An essential part of every patriarchal blessing is the declaration of lineage.


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…Note that the patriarch does not assign lineage. He declares it by inspiration.

…A declaration of lineage is not a scientific pronouncement or an identification of genetic inheritance. A declaration of lineage is representative of larger and more important things. When a patriarch declares lineage, he is identifying “the tribe of Israel through which the person will receive his or her blessings.” This declaration concerns the government of the kingdom of God, not the nature of the blood or the composition of the genes of the person being blessed.

…A patriarchal blessing is "sacred, confidential, and personal." It is a personal revelation to the recipient. Like the scriptures, it is given under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and should be read and interpreted under the influence of that same spirit. The meaning and significance of a patriarchal blessing will be taught line upon line in the course of time by the power of the same Spirit that inspired the blessing.

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