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Serving as a Full-Time Self-Reliance Missionary

Live at Home or Away from Home

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Under the direction of the First Presidency, the self-reliance initiative is being established in North America, and senior missionary couples are needed to coordinate with stake self-reliance committees to help members of the Church become more spiritually and temporally self-reliant.

The foundation of the self-reliance initiative is spiritual. When members become spiritually self-reliant, they will be more in tune to receive instruction from the Spirit that will improve their temporal situation. In order to help build spiritual and temporal self-reliance, senior missionaries are needed to introduce the principles of self-reliance to local leaders and to help organize self-reliance groups.

We Invite Senior Missionaries Who:

Self-Reliance Services—North America Role Description

As a Self-Reliance Services (SRS) missionary coordinating couple, you will work in close coordination with a Self-Reliance Services manager to support priesthood leaders as they invite, teach, train and help members to follow God’s commandment to become independent and self-reliant. You will accomplish this purpose by (1) teaching the power of the Savior’s Atonement and the doctrines of self-reliance, (2) training and supporting priesthood leaders, and (3) providing and supporting an integrated set of tools, services, learning processes, and training resources. More specifically, you will:

Provide strategic consultation, support, and training to coordinating councils, stake self-reliance committees, and other leading councils in support of self-reliance efforts in a designated geographic area. You will need to travel extensively within the assigned area (much of the work will involve evening and weekend meetings).

Proactively identify challenges, raise issues, make recommendations for solutions, and influence priesthood leaders’ understanding of the self-reliance process. Provide logistical support, including training, materials, and resources to stake self-reliance centers.

Cultivate relationships with business, educational, financial, government, and community leaders; coordinate with vocational or technical training and educational institutions; work with companies, schools, and financial institutions—all for the purpose of linking members to needed resources.


50–70 percent: Assist priesthood leaders in implementing and maintaining the self-reliance initiative, including consulting with and receiving direction from Area Seventies and stake presidents on self-reliance goals, objectives, and needs; training and supporting stake self-reliance committees; training and evaluating group facilitators; and providing materials, training, and support to stake self-reliance centers. Identifying specific resource development needs.

20–50 percent: Develop and cultivate contacts, relationships, and community resources in response to stake needs in the service area. Ensure that stakes have access to the resources being developed. Maintain subject matter expertise in all relevant market needs, trends, and available Church resources in their area.

5–10 percent: Fulfill administrative responsibilities, including regular progress reports on key indicators, expense reports, and other administrative duties.

Our first priority is to call full-time, live-at-home couples. The next option is full-time, live-away-from-home missionaries, with the same expectations of those living at home who serve with one assigned regional coordinating council. (A group of stakes which meet under the direction of the Area Presidency or Presidency of the Seventy to coordinate multi-stake matters and is normally chaired by a designated Area Seventy.)

missionary couples

Two options to serve

These missionaries will work with the local regional representative and the stake presidencies in their region.

These missionaries will be assigned to a particular region within a mission and work directly with regional and stake leadership.

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