Why Stay Away from Pornography?

By LDS Family Services

Pornography use is a life-damaging habit that affects not only the user but also the user's family and friends. There are many good reasons to avoid it. For example, pornography has been proven to cause or contribute to the following:

  • Decreased sensitivity toward women and girls
  • Decreased sensitivity and increased tolerance of sexually graphic material
  • Increased risk of being exposed to incorrect information about human sexuality
  • Increased risk of developing unhealthy views about sexuality
  • Increased risk of believing rape is not a serious crime
  • Increased risk of becoming aggressive or violent in sexual practices
  • Increased risk of becoming sexually abusive toward others
  • Increased risk of experiencing difficulties in intimate relationships
  • Increased risk of getting involved in sexual behavior that is risky, unhealthy, or illegal
  • Decreased desire to eventually marry
  • Decreased trust in your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse
  • Increased risk of becoming sexually dissatisfied with your spouse
  • Increased risk of cheating on your spouse
  • Increased risk of separation or divorce

In addition to the research-based consequences listed above, pornography use may cause feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and shame. It will keep one from living a spiritual life and will interfere with reaching one's potential. It is a saboteur of hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Source: What's the Big Deal about Pornography? A Guide for the Internet Generation, Jill C. Manning, Ph.D.