We Need Your General Conference Videos


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How do you experience general conference? Be a part of Church history this October as the Church documents how members all over the world participate in general conference. Document your experience in video. Your video clips could be seen by members and nonmembers from around the world.


Use your video camera to record your general conference experience.

Whether you gather with your family and watch conference in your local chapel, watch the broadcast online, or listen on your mobile device—or even read the messages in the Liahonamagazine—people around the globe would like to see how you experience general conference.

Your clips should respond to one or more of the following questions:

  • How do you prepare for general conference?
  • Where do you gather to experience general conference?
  • How do you get there?
  • What about general conference inspired you?
  • How do you reflect on the words of the prophets and apostles?
  • After the conference, how do you apply the teachings?


Use your DSLR, video camera, or camera phone to capture your story.

Shoot in HD if possible. If not, record in the best quality possible. Show your experience—don’t simply talk about it. Be creative! A variety of short clips (10–20 seconds) are preferable to long clips.


Step 1: Sign the Online Agreement

Sign the online content submission agreement giving the Church an unlimited license to use the video. You still keep the copyright to your videos; you are merely giving the Church an unlimited license to use all or part of your video and to share the video with other members.

Step 2: Send in your video files and rel​ease


YouTube or Vimeo
Upload your videos, in the best quality you have, to YouTube or Vimeo and paste the video link from those sites into the online content submission agreement. We will download it from the link you put in the agreement. You will still need to e-mail photos of any signed participantand location releases required for your videos.


Submit your videos using the DigiDelivery program. (Instructions)

  1. Download DigiDelivery for:
    Newer Macs (Intel chip)
    Older Macs (Power PC chip)

  2. Open DigiDelivery and click New Delivery.

  3. Add the title of your video as the Delivery Name, click Add files or folder, and select the files you want to submit.
    Remember to include your signed participant and location releases. (You can submit photos of signed releases.)

  4. Fill in the following account information.

    Host: digidelivery.ldschurch.org
    User name: create
    Password: ldschurch

  5. In the By E-mail field, type create.video@ldschurch.org and click Add. The video will appear in the Recipient List. Leave all options checked and click Next.

  6. Type your name in the Sender Name field, add your e-mail address, and type Come Listen video in the Message field. Then clickSend.


Is your video less than 12 megabytes? E-mail it tocreate.videos@ldschurch.org. Remember to attach photos of your signed participant and location releases. In the Subject line of your e-mail, type Come Listen video.

Regular Mail

If sending in your files electronically is difficult, you can send in your video files on a CD or DVD. Please remember to include your signed participant releases and, if needed, location releases on the disk. Mail them to:

Member Engagement Team
21st floor
50 E. North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

If you are having any problems submitting your videos, please contact us, and we'll help you.


The Church will use these clips to create a video that will be released prior to the April 2012 general conference. The video will document how millions of members gather to hear and read the words of living prophets and apostles. It will serve as an invitation to the entire world to “come, listen to a prophet’s voice.”

Please include in your submission a clip of yourself looking into the camera and inviting others to experience general conference by saying the words “come, listen to a prophet’s voice” in your native language and in English, if possible.


Please remember to be respectful of others in documenting your experience. Do not disrupt people experiencing general conference in any way. Please remember that filming inside of chapels is inappropriate. Also, please be aware not to record brands or logos that may inhibit use of your clips.

Per Church policy, certain forms must be signed in order for us to use your video. The Participant Release form needs to be signed by everyone that is in your video. A Location Release is also needed when shooting on privately owned property other than Church-owned property. Where possible, please complete and e-mail these forms to create.videos@ldschurch.org along with your video.


Please direct questions or comments to Jim Anderson in the Church’s Media Services Department. Send an e-mail to comelisten@ldschurch.org.