“Name That Temple” Challenge


How well do you know your temples? Here’s your chance to find out.

Take this challenge on your own, with friends, or with your family just for fun or as part of a family home evening. However you do it, you will see some of the beautiful temples that have been built around the world.

Members around the world are sharing high-quality photos they have taken that the Church and members can use for projects. Many of these are beautiful photos of temples. We selected 20 of these temple photos for this challenge. At the end of the challenge, you will see your score, a list of all the temples, and their locations. So take the challenge, have fun, and share your score with others! Retake the challenge as many times as you’d like.

Click here to start the challenge now!

Share Your Own Photos, Videos, and Music

The photos that members submit are used in all types of Church products, ranging from websites like LDS.org to posters, manuals, pamphlets, and more.

You can share photos you have taken by submitting them through vineyard.lds.org. You can also look around this site, create.lds.org, to find out more about what is needed, standards to follow, desktop wallpaper, and more information on how to submit photos, videos, and music.

Find More Member-Submitted Photos

The Video, Audio, and Images section of LDS.org contains thousands more member-submitted photos. You can download and use the photos in your lessons, family home evenings, and in your gospel-sharing efforts.