Seminaries and Institutes Immediate Need


There is an immediate and ongoing need for photos of students and teachers in Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (S&I). These photos may be used on its website, official Facebook pages, online seminary, curriculum, articles, and other projects.

Many images are needed of students, teachers, classroom settings, and buildings in a wide variety of situations.

Please note: Class time should not be used for this request.

Submitting photos

Share photos through the Submit Photos. You can see specific things to avoid on the photo standards page. To help us more easily find the photos you submit, put the word “Seminary” or “Institute” in the description, depending on the age-group in the photo.

Photos Needed
(avoid backgrounds that suggest affluence)



1. Middle-age woman or man sitting at a table preparing to teach seminary.

  • Praying while kneeling at a table with manuals and scriptures on table or chair.
  • Praying at the table with manuals and scriptures on table.
  • Praying while sitting at the table with iPad and scriptures on table.
  • Over-the-shoulder shot of scriptures on a cell phone or mobile device in hand.
  • Over-the-shoulder shot of on a laptop.
  • Any shot conveying a 40+ year-old person earnestly preparing a lesson.
  • Preparing online seminary lesson.
  • Checking online seminary assignments.

2. Repeat any or all of the above with the following “teachers”:

  • Missionary couple with badges
  • Elderly woman
  • Elderly man
  • Man in his 30's
  • Woman in her 30's

Teaching — Students

  • Teacher helping a single student who looks lost
  • Manual open on teacher’s podium or desk and teacher looking at the Gospel Teaching and Learning manual (i.e., teacher asking a question with manual open to “asking questions” portion)
  • Teaching a class. All the students talking, except for one who is feeling the Spirit.
  • Teaching
  • Making a point from the scriptures
  • Listening as a student teaches class

Teaching — Other Teachers

  • Teachers sitting in a circle and teaching each other
  • Full-time teacher in an S&I building teaching an in-service lesson to other full-time teachers (using scriptures, manuals, and handbook).
  • Coordinator in a Relief Society room or the chapel teaching an in-service lesson to stake-called teachers (using scriptures, manuals, and handbook).

Communicating with Students

  • Talking one-on-one with a student
  • Posting on class Facebook/Twitter page
  • Calling student on phone
  • Greeting students at the classroom door
  • Visiting a student at the student’s home
  • Visiting with student and parents at student’s home
  • Greeting student at extracurricular activity (outside seminary class)


  • Congratulating student at seminary graduation ceremony
  • Congratulating student at school graduation ceremony
  • Teacher giving male student a seminary diploma
  • Teacher giving female student a seminary diploma
  • Teacher and student taking pictures with a seminary diploma
  • Teacher helping a student find an institute program online

Seminary Environments

  • Small class in a home around a kitchen or card table or in a living room
  • Small class in a branch building
  • Large class in ward or stake building
  • Teaching senior or junior students
  • Teaching sophomore or freshman students
  • Small seminary class taught by a stake-called teacher


  • Scriptures open on a desk(s)
  • Shelf(s) of scriptures


  • East Coast (New York City) diversity
  • West Coast (Los Angeles) diversity
  • Midwest (Kansas City) diversity
  • Southern (Louisiana) diversity
  • International
  • Polynesian Islands diversity
  • African diversity
  • European diversity


  • Reading scriptures
  • Leading the singing
  • Playing the piano
  • Singing
  • Talking to each other
  • Students raising their hands to speak
  • Students and teacher smiling, looking like they are enjoying seminary


  • The front of the Gospel Teaching and Learning Manual held up as someone reads from it. Shoot the manual with the person reading blurred out behind it. Use different types of people — gender, race, ability.
  • Teaching a classroom of adult students (other teachers) from the Gospel Teaching and Learning Manual.
  • Shots of each S&I manual being used by a teacher, with the manual as the focus.

*For photo backgrounds, use the First Presidency, temples, Jesus Christ, or nicely decorated walls. Students and teachers should appear to be engaged and happy and refrain from a sad or stern appearance. Also, please avoid photos of teachers pointing to or at students.