Church Call for Design

The call for design is open temporarily for two specific needs.

The Create site needs badges members can put on their blogs and websites to (1) show they have shared their photography, music, videos, or design talents with the Church and to (2) help spread the word about this effort.

How to Get Involved

  • Design and submit badges members can download from this site to put on their blogs and web pages that link to
  • Design graphics that challenge and engage members and help them share their photography talents.

Submit Now

  • Design badges or other graphic ideas to get members to participate.
  • Sign the “Creative Works” agreement.
  • Send your work:
    1. in an email to
    2. in a Dropbox folder and share the folder with us at If you don’t have a Dropbox account, click here to create one.

Badges: Text Ideas

“I shared my photos! Have you?” (or music, videos, or designs)
“I shared 100, 200, 300, 400, 500+ photos!” (badges needed for each number)
“I shared my music with the LDS Church.”
“Share your photos with the LDS Church!”
“I shared my photos!”
“Share your photos with the LDS Church—I did!”
“My hobby is taking photos for the LDS Church.”
“I shared my talent with the LDS Church—Photos.”

You can also submit other designs you propose for photos, music, and video.

Graphic Design Ideas to Help Members Share Photos

Design a challenge for photographers, something that can be displayed on a page. It could be a grid of 16 boxes, each filled with a graphic showing a type of photo a person could take, such as prayer, study, meditation, people at the temple, keys, scriptures, hands, laughter, talking, service, love, kindness, and so on. Members could use the grid to take and submit photos. When they have completed submitting all 16, they could download a badge that stated, “I completed the big 16 photo challenge.” They could then display the badge on their blog or web page.

Other grids could be:

  • Photos of “everyday things.” See the photo webinar “everyday things” for more details.
  • Photos of different temples.
  • Photos of types of birds, animals, chapels, technology, and so on.

If you would like feedback on your idea before working on the details, contact us at