Finding Member-submitted Photos


In response to's call for photos, members have doubled the number of submitted images over the past two months to nearly 10,000—and that number is increasing daily!  These images, contained in the Church Media Library, are available for use on Church projects and easy to clear through Intellectual Property. 


Here’s how you can find them in the Church Media Library:


1.On the Intranet home page, click on the APPLICATIONS tab and select

  Church Media Library in the drop-down list.


2.Log in with your LDS Account user name and password.


3.Look under the Catalogs tab and find the **Member Submitted catalog.


4.Click on the arrow to the left of **Member Submitted to display a list

 of sub-categories. The number next to the category is the number of

photos currently in the catalog.


5.Select photos and download!