Get Involved: Music


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The Church needs high-quality music from professional or highly skilled musicians. The music that you share will help build a library that Church producers and members can use in projects to help spread the gospel. Share the gospel by sharing your talents.

How to Get Involved

Get involved by:

Types of Submissions

*Note: See Music Standards.

Don't Forget the Contracts and Releases!



Music Submitter

Online Content Submission Agreement

Co-authors, composers, lyricists, arrangers, or others who may have ownership rights in the music submission.

Printed Content Submission Agreement

Singers, performers, musicians, sound engineers, and others who participated in the production of the musical submission.

Participant Release

Parents of children under 18

Participant Release

Studio owner or responsible individual

Location Release

*You still retain the copyright to your music. By signing the content submission agreement, you grant the Church an unlimited license to use your music.

Submitting Contracts and Release Forms

Please print, sign, take a photo, and submit the digital photo.

Submit Now

Details about how you can submit your music to the Church are on the Submit Music page.

Your music will be reviewed for quality. Not every music piece will be accepted. If your submission is not accepted, please don't take it personally.