What is the music used for?

There are many ways music may be used. These may include, but are not limited to, Church videos and productions, Mormon Channel Radio, products created by members in their efforts to share the gospel, lessons, family home evenings, Sunday School lessons, Mutual activities, member blogs and websites, and other non-commercial products.

What am I agreeing to when I submit my music?

You are giving the Church an unlimited license to use the music in any way the Church sees fit, even using parts of the music. The Church can also arrange and record the music as needed to meet Church project needs. The Church may also share the music with other members for their gospel-sharing efforts and may also include it in the LDS library of Video, Audio, and Images. The only major restriction is that you cannot give an exclusive license to someone in a way that limits the rights of the Church to use your submission.

I'm under 18 years old. Can I still submit music?

Yes. While people under the age of 13 are not allowed to submit music through this site, people of all ages can sing, play musical instruments, or otherwise work to produce music submissions that are sent to the Church. We welcome hymns and children’s songs sung by children of all ages as long as the songs are of high quality and follow the guidelines.

Where a person submitting music to the Church is 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17 years old, that person’s parent or legal guardian will also need to sign the Content Submission Agreement. Similarly, when a person of any age under 18 sings in, plays a musical instrument for, mixes, or otherwise participates in the production of a music submission, that person’s parent or legal guardian will also need to sign a Participant Release

What kinds of issues will prevent acceptance?  

Inappropriate content, false or misleading doctrine, or music submitted in a format other than the wav, mp3, or midi formats requested. Poor-quality sound, lyrics, or performance may also prevent acceptance.

What are the three kinds of releases I may need for my submission?

Which agreement or release do I and others need to sign?

PersonWhat He or She signS
Music SubmitterOnline Content Submission Agreement
Co-authors, composers, lyricists, arrangers, or others who may have ownership rights in the music submission.Printed Content Submission Agreement, which you photograph and submit.
Singers, performers, musicians, sound engineers, and others who participated in the production of the musical submission.Participant Release
Parents of children under 18Online Content Submission Agreement and/or Participant Release
Studio owner or responsible partyLocation Release

Can the song or lyrics be co-authored (written by more than one person)?

Yes, your song or lyrics can be co-authored by as many people as you want. Each person must sign the Content Submission Agreement for his or her contribution to the music.

Can I include my friends and family in my musical arrangement?

Feel free to have anyone sing in, play a musical instrument for, mix, or otherwise help in the production of your music. Just make sure that every person who helps signs a Participant Release.

Can I submit more than one song or musical arrangement?

Yes, submit as many songs as you like. There are high-quality standards for submissions. Each song will be evaluated. Those with poor quality, whether it be sound, performance, or lyrics, will not be accepted.

Can the lyrics be in any language?

You can submit lyrics in any language, as long as you identify the language your song is written in. If you can, submit an English translation with your music.

How do I submit my music, the Content Submission Agreement, and any applicable Participant Release or Location Release?

As the music submitter, you can sign the online Content Submission Agreement.

For signed copies of the printed Content Submission Agreement form, Participant Release, and Location Release, scan or take a picture of the signed forms, and if the files are under 12 MB, e-mail the electronic files to create.music@ldschurch.org.

For files larger than 12 MB, send them using Dropbox.

How do I submit my music?

Music can be sent in through Dropbox. Create a Dropbox folder and upload your music, lyrics and releases to the folder. Share the folder with create@ldschurch.org

If you don’t have a Dropbox account, click here to create a free account.

If the file is less than 12 MB, you can send it to create.music@ldschurch.org

What format should I send my music in?

The preferred formats are wav or aiff or other acceptable formats are mp3 or aac.

What is accepted in this Call for Music?

  • Arrangements, instrumentals or vocals of songs on the public domain list of the Church Hymn book or the Children's Songbook.
  • Original songs or instrumental music.
  • Underscore music that can be used in videos.

Can I make arrangements of hymns and children’s songs?

Yes, but only if they are based on songs taken directly from the public domain list of the Church Hymns and Children's Songbook.

Could I send in other forms of audio, such as testimonies or interviews?

Yes, but send those to create.audio@ldschurch.org. See the Audio section of this site for more details.

What happens to my music after the Church receives it?

All music is reviewed and either accepted or declined. Generally, music is declined because of poor quality or because it does not reflect Church standards and values.

It may then be placed in a media database where it will be usable for Church projects. It may also be included in the LDS library of Video, Audio, and Images, where members will be able to use it for lessons, family home evenings, sharing the gospel, and other non-commercial purposes.

What if there are copyright issues?

If your music submission includes music from any part of an existing song that is not in the public domain, it will not be usable. If we find that there are just a few parts that are unusable and you want to change those and resubmit the music, we may be able to use it.

Can I submit my own original music?

Yes. As long as there are not musical phrases or tunes from copyrighted music included in your piece and you have all of the rights necessary to license your piece to the Church, you can submit it. Remember that only high-quality music is acceptable and usable.

What Church music is in the public domain?

See the public domain list of the Church Hymns and Children's Songbook.

Do I have to submit recorded music or can I just submit sheet music?

To submit sheet music, send it to the Church Music Submissions site that reviews music that can be used in sacrament meetings, other Church meetings, and at home. Please submit your sheet music in PDF format.

May I submit a song that I wrote if the rights to it are owned by a publishing company?

No. If you own the rights to the song and can license it, then you can submit the song. If you don’t own the rights to license and distribute the song, then the Church can use that song only if the person or entity that owns such rights signs the Content Submission Agreement or otherwise grants the Church a license to use the song.