Submit Music




Please submit only high-quality music that is at or near a professional level. For ideas on what to submit, take a look at the Music Needs page.

Remember that any music you submit may be used by the Church or made available for other members to use in their efforts to share or teach the gospel.

Music should be in wav, mp3, or midi format. Submit all sheet music through the Church Music Submission. These submissions are reviewed yearly.

How to Submit Music

Each Time You Submit Music

Step 1: Sign the online agreement

  • Sign the online Content Submission Agreement. You still keep the copyright to your music; you are merely giving the Church an unlimited license to use all or part of your music and to share the music with other members.

Step 2: Send in everything through Dropbox or via e-mail:

Items to submit:

*Scan or take a photo of the signed documents.


  • Create a Dropbox folder (example, JRogers_Music).
  • Share the folder with
  • You can submit more music through the same folder once we have copied the music.
  • If you don’t have a Dropbox account, click here to create one.


If you are having any problems submitting your music via e-mail or Dropbox, please contact us for an alternative method of delivery.

Required Releases



Music Submitter

Online Content Submission Agreement

Co-authors, composers, lyricists, arrangers, or others who may have ownership rights in the music submission.

Printed Content Submission Agreement

Singers, performers, musicians, sound engineers, and others who participated in the production of the musical submission.

Participant Release

Parents of children under 18

Participant Release

Studio owner or responsible individual

Location Release

*You still retain the copyright to your music. By signing the content submission agreement, you grant the Church an unlimited license to use your music.

Submitting Contracts and Release Forms

Please print, sign, take a photo, and submit the digital photo.

Age Requirements

To submit music, you must be 18 years old or older.

While only people who are 18 or older can actually submit music to this site, people of all ages can perform, sing, sign (ASL), play an instrument for, or otherwise participate in the production of music that is submitted to the Church. In this case, if any person under the age of 18 participates in the production of your music submission, that person’s parent or legal guardian will also have to sign a Participant Release for that person.

Music Standards

Please review the music standards before submitting.

Not All Music Will Be Accepted

All music is reviewed and either accepted or declined. Generally, music is declined because of poor quality or because it does not reflect Church standards and values. If your music is not selected, please do not take it personally. Feel free to submit other music that is of or near professional quality. Because of limited resources, we are not able to provide reviews and comments about submitted music.

Please do NOT submit:

Music with content problems

  • Music that is inappropriate for Church use.
    • Irreverent music—Light or humorous treatment of sacred hymns, text, or songs from the Children’s Songbook.
    • Negative lyrics, which are contrary to the spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • Music with false or misleading doctrine.
    • Rap or rock music used with hymns or children’s songs.
    • Electric guitars with hymns or children's songs.
  • Low-quality, non-professional vocals or music, as well as recordings that include distortion, noise, clicks, or other technical problems.

Music with legal issues

  • Music that you did not write, compose, arrange, perform, or record.
  • Music without the signed Content Submission Agreement or Participant Release.
  • Music with copyrighted musical phrasing, performances, lyrics, tunes, melodies, compositions, or recordings.
  • Music for which you do not own the copyright. For example, buying a CD does not give you the copyright to the music on the CD.
  • Music that is not from the public domain list of the Church Hymns or Children's Songbook.

Please note that while you do have the right to use songs taken directly from the listed public domain songs, you do not have the right to use others’ arrangements of songs on those lists.