Church Magazines Image Guidelines

For Illustrators and Photographers 


Art assignments are made only to artists who have shown us their portfolio, but we are eager to know of those who have talent. Freelance illustrators may email three to five samples of their work to


Please make us aware of available photographs of individuals, activities, or places described in upcoming articles. We also occasionally purchase artistic photos.

Permission: All identifiable people in photos need to sign a statement agreeing to Church use of their image. Those under age 18 need a statement signed by their parent or guardian. Keep all your permission statements.

Description: When uploading photos, please include in the description the full name of each person in the photo. Use terms such as “from left” and “standing” to clearly identify each person.

Church standards: All people in photos should observe Church standards of dress, grooming, behavior, and respect for property.

General Conference Photos

We want to represent the worldwide Church membership in the general conference issues of the magazines, so we welcome your photos of conference attendance in your area EXCEPT PHOTOS TAKEN AT THE CONFERENCE CENTER/TEMPLE SQUARE (we have plenty of these). Please remember that we cannot guarantee that your photos will be published.

Submit your best photographs of people who through their lives and their modest and conservative clothing, jewelry, hairstyles, and makeup represent Church standards. Photograph members in good standing; they do not need to be temple recommend holders, but their lives and their modest clothing should represent Church standards well. Your photos should show joy and dedication in the faces of the members. Please review recent general conference issues to see what types of photographs we use.

For all your submitted photos, you need to have written permission. Please refer to Permission instructions above.

Conference photography requirements:

  1. Submit high-resolution color digital images (1−5 megabytes is sufficient). Files below 1 megabyte in size will probably be too small to be considered for publication.
  2. Submissions deadline: All photos must arrive via no later than 10:00 a.m., Salt Lake City time, on the Tuesday after general conference.
  3. If your photos are not available until after the deadline, submit them when they are ready, and we will consider publishing them in the subsequent general conference issue.

Conference photos we regularly publish:

  1. People in modest Church attire approaching the meetinghouse.
  2. People in modest Church attire watching a broadcast of conference while sitting in the chapel or other meetinghouse room.
  3. People in front of their television or computer monitor at home watching the general conference broadcast if this is how people typically view conference in your area. People shown participating in their homes can be dressed in modest, comfortable, and casual attire but NOT in pajamas or sleepwear.
  4. Women of all ages traveling to or attending the General Women’s meeting.
  5. Youth traveling to or attending any of the general conference broadcasts.
  6. Men and boys traveling to or attending the priesthood session.
  7. People traveling to general conference via subway, bus, car, bike, boat, or other means.
  8. Missionaries attending general conference, especially with investigators. Please do not submit photos with missionaries making hand gestures, funny faces, or engaging in any kind of goofy behavior.
  9. Families attending the various general conference broadcasts.

Things to avoid:

  • Do not submit photos of women and girls with low or revealing necklines, gaping button-front blouses, any tight clothing, sleeveless or spaghetti-strap tops, clothing with see-through fabrics, or any other distracting element that draws attention to the body. Tight clothing on top of other tight clothing is still emphasizing the body and is immodest. One current fashion trend is for women and girls to wear “lacy underthings” as an outer layer or something lacy peeking out from a neckline or dress hem. While some lacy edging is tasteful and modest, anything resembling undergarments looks cheap and communicates to the viewer a glimpse of “something that shouldn’t be seen.” This is a difficult area to apply a precise rule to, so just be aware of this trend, and if the attire is not dignified, just photograph someone else.
  • Do not submit photos with people making hand gestures, funny faces, or engaging in goofy behavior.
  • Do not submit photos of men’s or boys’ neckties loosened or with untucked shirttails.
  • Do not submit blurry or out-of-focus photos.
  • Women’s dresses should cover the knees when sitting.
  • Do not submit photos that show clothing with logos, text, or copyrighted images. Photos of people wearing clothing with distracting patterned prints will probably not be published.
  • Avoid using a flash indoors because the people tend to be harshly lit, with bright highlights, dark shadow areas, and red pupils.
  • In general, avoid any element that would distract from the reverence of general conference.

Don't Forget the Releases!

Submit Your Photos

Submit your photos now through, in the Contribute Photos Activity. Include in the description the words “General Conference” and the city, state, country that the photo was taken.